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Engineering Jobs

Engineering jobs have a lot to offer the potential job seeker. A wide variety of industries employ engineers, and there are many types of engineers within those companies. When considering engineering as a career, reviewing the specialties available is extremely important. Each type of engineering has its own job requirements, working environment and salary expectations, so selecting a specialty will determine the specifics of your engineering career.

Types of Engineering Jobs

There are many specialties available for engineers. Civil engineers design, develop and maintain infrastructure. Civil engineering jobs pay an average salary of over $80,000 per year. Electrical engineering jobs pay almost $95,000 per year and deal with electrical infrastructure. Mechanical engineers build machines that process energy, such as turbines or generators, and mechanical engineering jobs pay similar to civil engineering jobs. Aerospace engineers design aircraft, shuttles and missiles. They also work with prototypes and new ideas or inventions. Aerospace engineering jobs pay just under $110,000 per year. Each of these specialties requires specific industry knowledge and education. While all of these are well-paying specialties, the highest-paid engineering field is the petroleum engineer, earning nearly $130,000 per year.

Outlook for Engineering Jobs

The overall outlook for engineering jobs is good but conservative. With an expected growth rate of 4 percent, which is 2 percent belowthe industry average,60,000 new jobs will be available over the next 10 years. While the growth is not as high as many industries given the growth expected for the economy, there is a lot of opportunity for someone with the specific skill set needed for these roles. They require extensive job experience and higher education, and entry-level positions are rare.

Engineering jobs are available for those qualified for them. They are high-end roles with much autonomy, generally good benefits and extremely competitive pay. They are available all over the country, with geographical influence on the specialties in demand.

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